Business Environment

We know it's entrepreneurs who create jobs. So we’re doing our best to create the right conditions for success. 

Part of that is providing information so you can make informed investment decisions.  This page contains information related to the Kimberley business environment. 

Overall business satisfaction in the City of Kimberley is quite strong and business confidence is at a record high. The City of Kimberley conducted a Business Retention and Expansion project in the Winter of 2019 and the results are impressive. 

2019 City of Kimberley Business Retention and Expansion Project Triage BR+E Kimberley.pdf

In 2019, the City also conducted a Non-Residential Gap Analysis. Follow that link to see the results. 

This 2016 Consumer Report was completed in partnership with the City of Cranbrook to inform businesses about what consumer preferences are in the region:

Cranbrook-Kimberley Consumer Survey Report Summary 11Feb2016.pdf

August 2013 – January 2014 the Kimberley and District Chamber of Commerce conducted a Survey of Businesses with 52 business owners. Results indicate that perceptions of the business environment are positive and the future outlook is good. 40% of respondents had plans to expand operations in Kimberley and 50% of respondents anticipate sales growth equal to or greater than 10% in the next year. 

2013-14_Survey of Businesses.pdf

The Secret Investor Assessment was conducted July 2014 and suggests that Kimberley is well positioned to woo investors. According the advisor who posed as a potential investor looking around, Kimberley is “a community that is invigorated and optimistic, with a strong focus on young families… I did not have a single negative conversation.”

2014 Secret Investor Assessment.pdf

Summer-Fall 2013 Tourism Kimberley conducted a Visitor Survey. The results suggest that Kimberley has a high quality visitor experience for great value.