City Council

An elected Council comprising a mayor and six councillors governs the City of Kimberley. Councillors are elected for a four year term, with the current term ending in November 2022.  Each member of Council represents the City at large.

The Community Charter gives Council the authority to set budgets, levy taxes and establish policies to guide the growth, development and operation of the City for the benefit and protections of its citizens. 

Members of Council, including the Mayor, have the following statutory responsibilities:

  • To consider the well-being and interests of the City
  • To contribute to the development and evaluation of the policies and programs of the City respecting its services and other activities
  • To participate in Council meetings, committee meetings and meetings of other bodies to which the member is appointed
  • To carry out the duties assigned by Council
  • To carry out the duties assigned by or under the Community Charter or any other Act

The Mayor has specific statutory duties and responsibilities assigned to the Office of the Mayor.  The Mayor is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the City and is responsible for:

  • Providing leadership
  • Communicating information to Council
  • Presiding at Council meetings
  • Providing, on behalf of Council, general direction to statutory municipal officers respecting implementation of Council’s policies, programs and other directions.
  • Reflecting the will of Council
  • Carrying out other duties on behalf of Council


Regular Meetings of Kimberley City Council are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month.  Meetings commence at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall, 340 Spokane Street and are open to the public.  The public is invited to view live and past meetings on the City's YouTube channel. Should a regular meeting date fall on a Statutory holiday, the meeting is held on the Tuesday.  Please see the Council Calendar for meeting dates. 

Council also meets on the first and third Monday of each month as a Committee of the Whole.  This is a Committee comprised of all Councillors at which members have an opportunity to have more detailed discussion on agenda topics.  These meetings are also held at City Hall and commence at 7:00 p.m. and are also open to the public and available on YouTube.

Please refer to the Events Calendar for an overview and updates to meetings.

Appearing before Council

Anyone wishing to appear as a delegation should submit a written request to the Corporate Officer, accompanied by background information on the issue you wish to address.  The written request must be received at City Hall by noon on the Wednesday prior to the Regular Meeting.  Please download the Delegation Request Form for drop-off at City Hall regarding delegation requests. If you are presenting a petition to Council, please ensure that the following Petition Criteria are used to ensure your petition meets legislative requirements.

Formalities during Council meeting

  • Delegations should proceed to the podium to make their presentations;
  • Comments at Council meetings should be directed to the Mayor or member of Council presiding at the meeting;
  • Introduce yourself - please clearly state your name prior to making your presentation;
  • The Mayor may be referred to as "Mayor ______", "Mr. Mayor"/"Madame Mayor", as the case may be;

Delegations are asked to keep presentations brief - approximately ten (10) minutes.