Our Community

Kimberley is a good place to be – with a storied past and a future full of opportunity. Surrounded by a beautiful mountain landscape, home to friendly, down-to-earth folks who appreciate the good things in life, Kimberley is a perfect place to get in touch with what’s important: the simple things.

We know that good things come from hard work – and we know that work can also be enjoyed. We know that family comes first – and that friends are family, too. We know that nature supports us, and so we look after it. We’re not prone to putting on airs or trying to be what we’re not. But Kimberley is a town confident in the fact that it’s one of the better places in the world to live, work, learn and play. And we’re happy to share with people who feel the same way.

Come and be part of our community, for a day or a lifetime.