The City of Kimberley enforces our Animal Control Bylaw to make sure Kimberley’s human and non-human residents feel safe and free to enjoy all our great urban spaces, parks, and trails. View the Animal Control Bylaw No. 2544, 2016 here. 

Current Notices of Impoundment - For more Information Please Click on Link:

There are no impoundments at this time.

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Leash & Off-Leash Areas

Any dog not on the property of its owner must be on a leash at all times, unless the dog is in one of the three designated off-leash areas.

Kimberley is most fortunate to have three large off-leash areas for the benefit of people and their dogs.

Dogs in off-leash areas must be under the verbal control of their owner, have a collar with a valid dog license attached to it, must not act in an aggressive manner towards a person or dog and must not chase or disturb any wildlife.  Dogs defined as ‘Vicious Dogs’ (link to Vicious dogs section below) are NOT permitted in the off-leash areas.

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Licencing & Fines

Dogs over four months old living within the City, must be licenced by the City of Kimberley. Licencing your dog is one of the most important means of ensuring the safety of your pet.  If your dog accidentally gets out of the yard, the licence allows the Animal Control Officer to identify your dog and get it back to you. If your dog is a ‘repeat offender’ and ends up being taken to the pound at the SPCA, you will have to pay the impound, boarding and vaccination fees, as well at an ‘at large’ fine, your dog will be returned to you. Licence fees are as follows:        

  • 2023 Neutered Male or Spayed Female - $23.00
  • 2023 Unneutered Male or Unspayed Female - $57.50

Dog licences can be purchased at City Hall during regular office hours.

Current penalties for violations of any dog control regulations, as prescribed in the City of Kimberley Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw, are as follows:

Offence Bylaw Section

Fine First 

Each Subsequent Offence
Fail to provide sufficient shelter 9,9(a),9(b) $75 $150
Fail to provide sufficient ventilation to prevent suffering or heat injury 10 $75 $150
Tie an animal by the neck using rope, cord, choke chain 11 $75 $150
Tie an animal as primary means of confinement 12 $75 $150
Animal disturbing the peace 13 $75 $150
Feeding birds in the Platzl 14 $50 $100
Obstruct Animal Control Officer 15 $75 $150
Operate a kennel 18 $100 $200
Keeping more than three dogs 19 $75 $150
Animal at large 20 $75 $150
Vicious dog without muzzle 23 $200 $400
Vicious dog unsecured 24 $200 $400
Vicious/dangerous dog at large in off-leash area 28 $200 $400
Failure to remove excrement 29, 31, 32 $50 $100
Unrestrained vicious dog 38(a), (b),(c), (d) $200 $400
Keeping of livestock 46 $75 $150
Keeping of poultry or rabbits 47 $75 $150
Keeping of bees 48 $75 $150
Unlicenced dog 50 $100 $200

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For information on wildlife or for the list of contacts for various wildlife issues, see the Urban Wildlife page for more information.  

If you have an issue with an aggressive deer or bear, please contact Conservation at 1-877-952-7277.

For concerns regarding animal cruelty, please call the SPCA hotline at 1-855-622-7722.