Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are limiting the number of people inside City Hall. When possible, you are encouraged to make payments online or through telephone banking. 

The following list outlines all of the ways you can make a municipal payment. 

Pay through Online or Telephone Banking

You can pay property taxes and utility bills through online or telephone banking services through your financial institution. Search for "KIMBERLEY" in the payee list. You will find "KIMBERLEY (CITY OF) UTILITIES" or "KIMBERLEY (CITY) PROPERTY TAX". Please select the appropriate category.

You will need your account number or roll number to add payee. Your property tax account number is the combination of the jurisdiction number (215) and the roll number. It should be a total of 11 digits. Do not include any spaces or decimals.

Your utilities account number can be found on your utility bill. It must be 13 digits in length starting with 000. Do not include any spaces.

Please allow sufficient time for payment to process by the due date. 

By Mail

You can pay for municipal services by cheque made payable to "City of Kimberley". Cheques can be mailed to City of Kimberley, 340 Spokane Street, Kimberley, BC, V1A 2E8. Postmarks are not acceptable as payment receipt date so please allow ample time for your cheque to reach us by the due date. Do not send cash in the mail. 

Payment Mail Slot

You can place your cheque in an envelope and in the mail slot located outside the main entrance of City Hall - 340 Spokane Street. Do not place cash in the mail slot. 

In Person

You can pay all municipal payments in person at City Hall. Please ring the buzzer outside the main entrance at 340 Spokane Street and wait to be allowed inside. All COVID-19 safety measures are in place including maintaining physical distance, wearing a mask and sanitizing hands immediately upon entry. 

Property Tax Payment Plan

The City of Kimberley offers a convenient tax prepayment plan for those accounts with a zero balance. The City will automatically debit your bank account for 10 months on the first day of the month – August 1st to May 1st. Payment amounts are estimated each year so that 90% of your taxes will be prepaid before the tax notices are mailed out.

The City will pay interest at a rate established by the Province of BC on the prepayments and apply it against your tax account, if applicable.  The interest rate is 3% below the prime interest rate. To apply for the property tax payment plan, you must fill in a Tax Prepayment Plan Authorization Form and supply a voided cheque to the City of Kimberley.  

Utility Payment Plan

The City of Kimberley also offers a convenient utilities pre-payment plan. Download the authorization and cancellation forms by clicking the links below.

Utility Payment Plan Authorization

Monthly Utility Payment Plan Cancellation